Legal services

Civil Law

We can provide all types of consulting and written interpretations concerning civil law of Ukraine. We also can give law support to physical and legal persons during judicial proceeding, appeal and causational appeals of court decisions. Help in preparation and representation of all process documents.

Criminal Law

Representation of a suspect, a convict and a victim in all questions during pretrial investigation. Representation of a claimant or defendant during court procedure.

Economic Law

Representation of legal persons during all the stages of economic legal proceedings, preparation of claims and appeals, and responses to claims. Agreements of lawsuit on any stages of a trial proceedings. Dealing with the claims on account receivable recovery. Appeal of administrative and taxation notifications and decisions.

Corporate Law

  • Consulting on questions of optimal form of a legal person incorporation, structure of its administration;
  • Preparation and checking of statutes and their correspondence to acting laws. Ordered preparation of statutes;
  • Registration of legal persons of any form and statute changes;
  • Registration of shares and bonds;
  • Primary distribution of stocks of joint-stock companies;
  • Buying up of stocks and bonds;
  • Preparation of corporate documents (protocols, orders, regulations, etc);
  • Shares transfer in collective investment fund;
  • Increase and decrease of  fund;
  • Development of system measures against takeovers (anti-raider measures);
  • Preparation and holding of stockholders meeting;
  • Creation of companys authorities;
  • Judicial protection of corporate;
  • Agreement preparation and expertise;

Family Law

Consulting preparation and contraction of covenant of marriage.
Representation in courts in cases of divorce, alimony enforcement, children place of living, annulments, severance.

Insurance Law

Consulting about choosing insurance company, the most suitable insurance conditions, provision of documents for insurance compensation. Representation of interest in different courts concerning insurance compensation.

Employment Law

Preparation and introduction of labor contracts, collective agreements, job description, agreements of confidential and commercial information retention, and complete liability for breakage agreements. Representation of interests concerning illegal redundancy, reinstatement of employment.

Bankruptcy (closing down of business)

Closing down of business and bankruptcy advisory. Preparation and presentation of all necessary documents for enterprise bankruptcy in Kyiv economic courts, representation of debtor enterprise during courts, debt recovery from a debtor-enterprise, holding of stockholders meeting, representation of a debtor-enterprise in all administrative bodies concerning crossing-off the register of state funds, tax administration, statistics department. Representation of all necessary documents to state administration for closing down the business, auditing help, crossing-off the register of state funds, tax administration, statistics department.

Registration of a business / enterprise

 Registration of a physical person entrepreneur
 Registration of a legal person
 Registration of statute changes of a legal person, which are not connected with the change of its name
 Registration of statute changes of a legal person
 Registration of changes of a legal person, which are not connected with the statute changes
 Acquirement of permissions for additional seals and stamps

Intellectual property

 Registration of the brand for wares and services
 Registration of authors rights
 Preparation and registration of a license agreement and an intellectual rights transfer agreements


 liquidation due to owners decision
 liquidation due to bancrupcy


 Licence aquirement for building activity
 Licence acquirement for security services concerning state and other property, bodyguard services.
 Licence acquirement for import / export laser reading systems (CDs, compact discs)
 Registration of software producers and distributors
 Licence acquirement for implementation of holographic protection images (HPI)
 Acquirement holographic protection images (HPI, authenticity stamps)
 Licence acquirement for geodetic and cartographic works
 Licence acquirement for organization of gambling
 Licence acquirement for international (internal), freight (passenger) auto transportations,  and taxi
 Licence acquirement for tourism (tour operator, tour agency activity)
 Licence acquirement for medical practice
 Licence acquirement for storing particular types of waste as recyclable materials
 Licence acquirement for storing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals