License on storing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals

License on storing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals

Our association is ready to give the complex of legal services in the receipt of license on storing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals for enterprises and businessmen from any region of Ukraine.
A license is given out for a term of five years.
Base terms of receipt of license: 40 workings days (from the moment of grant us of the documents and information mentioned below).
Base price of the service: 51 000 UAH
Payments to the state: 340 UAH

The price includes:

  • consulting and informing the client about the necessity of receipt of the license and order of its receipt;
  • preparation of necessary package of documents in a necessary form submission and submission of it;
  • receipt of license.

Documents in order to begin work:

  • a copy of the certificate testifying the state registration of the subject of entrepreneurial activity (notarized);
  • a copy of the certificate about registration in the unique state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine ("statistics" [], notarized);

and also the following information:

  • bank essential elements;
  • passport information of leader or other responsible person;
  • number of certificate of payer of VAT, individual number of tax payer.

Our partnership will be pleasant and fruitful. We save your time and will do all correctly and in time that guarantees that your plans will not be broken

 * the price of making a seal may vary depending on urgency of the order.

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