Liquidation due to bankruptcy

Liquidation due to bankruptcy

We are ready to service the liquidation of the legal person due to bankruptcy. This service is useful if the enterprise has debts before contractors (creditors). It is necessary to initiate the procedure with the help of one of the creditors.
Terms: 2 month (from the moment of providing the followin gdocuments and information).

The list of our services consists of:

  • preparation of all necessary documents;
  • guarantee of legal investigation in the shortest terms;
  • service of the trustee in bankruptcy;
  • control after decisions implementation.

Documents in order to begin work:

  • agreement due to which the undertakings were not carried out;
  • documents testifying the creditors payments;
  • balance showing the debt;
  • adjusted balance showing the debt;
  • copies of statute (debtor and creditor);
  • copies of certificate of registration (debtor and creditor);
  • copy of the statistics department reference (debtor and creditor);
  • copies of the VAT taxpayer (debtor and creditor).

And also the following information:

  • short invoice itemalization for the creditors: name, sum, debt;
  • reference of current banking accounts (bank details and banks addresses);

liquidation committee 3 people.

Our partnership will be pleasant and fruitful. We save your time and will do all correctly and in time that guarantees that your plans will not be broken

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