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When having the problems of legal character appeared and you are not able to solve themselves, ask our association specialists, which will skillfully and professionally assist you with the legal assistance of any complication , of advocate and law type, and also will make all possible to achieve the positive results in the solution of your problems.

Solving Your problem, we will lead you to the goal in a maximally suitable and short way with the proper competence and efficiency.We will be glad, when having familiarized with our suggestions and methods of work, you will tune in to the collaboration with us and will join our permanent clients in future.

About us

Advocate association International Advocate Alliance was founded in January, 2007 by two advocates with considerable experience and professional level with the purpose of granting of highly skilled, complex legal assistance to the citizens of Ukraine and other states, persons without citizenship, to the financial, industrial, business enterprises and non-commercial organizations and establishments for defense of their legitimate rights and interests.

An advocate association International Advocate Alliance is a united team of initiative, responsible professionals, which are skilled in the traditional and newest methods of legal defense, and use deep knowledge in different fields of law: international, civil, economic, taxation etc.

For providing high-quality and rapid service to Clients the association also makes use of initiative, responsible lawyers, which help in competent and efficient way to deal with current jobs of associations work.
Every member of association aims to attain greater professional skills in the given sphere of activity and oriented only on achievement of positive result, but not only on implementation of the functional duties.

Basic task of our activity is to support the ideas and undertaking of the Client with the knowledge of the legal base and instruments in order to avoid all of the  undesirable confusions and collisions, related to ignorance of the Legislation of Ukraine.

Our Client can get not only legal assistance and  all  types of legal aid from creation of legal entity of any  legal form, and in case of necessity occurred, with complex legal accompaniment of activity of such legal entity.

Our possibilities and methods of work will give Clients confidence, that they will get a highly skilled legal assistance in the conduct of negotiations with contractors, concluding contracts with them and settling matters of argument in the courts, which take place in the process of activity. The specialists of association make legal conclusions in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, projects of contracts, agreements and other documents;  the advocates of association carry out defense of property and other Business-Client interests in law-enforcement establishments, courts of general jurisdiction and economic courts.

Principles of activity:

    • competence, efficiency, decency; 
    • adherence to principle(s) and persistence in defending rights of clients;
    • severe observance of confidentiality;
    • rapid solving tasks solution;
    • confidence and optimism;
    • providing of high-quality legal assistance, as wellas a high level of service;
    • the timely warning  of possible undesirable consequences in dealing with the situation
    • connection with a permanent Client 24/7.