Preparation and registration of license contract and agreement

Preparation and registration of license contract and agreement of passing of an object of intellectual property

Intellectual property is a commodity, which is possible to be sold or used on the basis of license contract. Our association is ready to give services of preparation of license contract and agreement of passing to an object intellectual property.
Base terms: preparation 5 workings days, registration 2 months (from the moment of documents and information indicated below acquirement).
Price of the service: 1850,00* UAH
State fee: from 40,00 to 200,00 UAH for residents, from 50,00 to 80,00 EUR for nonresidents, depending on an object and method of transmission.

The price includes:

  • participating in preliminary negotiations, concordance of the project of agreement with a contractor;
  • preparation of the project of agreement, other necessary documents;
  • registration of agreement.

Documents in order to begin work:

  • the copies of documents confirming the right of ownership of the object of intellectual property;
  • the complete names of sides (due to foundation documents), and also their location (legal address);
  • bank details of the sides;
  • last name, name, surnames of the leaders of sides, names of position

Our partnership will be pleasant and fruitful. We save your time and will do all correctly and in time that guarantees that your plans will not be broken

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