Registration of a legal person in Kyiv

Registration of a legal person in Kyiv

We are ready to give services in registration of a legal person in Kiev.
To register a legal person in Kiev you should assert the legal persons name and provide our specialists a package of necessary documents and warrant of attorney to our specialist.

Terms of implementation: 8-15 workings days (from the moment of giving us documents and information indicated below).

Price of the service: 3 000,00* UAH

The list of our services consists of:

  • choosing and reserving unique name of the enterprise in the single state registry of Ukraine;
  • preparation of necessary document (statute, protocol, acceptance reports and deeds of conveyance)
  • preparation of documents for opening temporary account in a bank (for forming statute fund with money);
  • assistance in state registration of the enterprise (by a state registrar in district administration);
  • certificate acquirement from statistics department (about registering in the single state registry of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine);
  • registration in tax inspection; reference 4-;
  • appeal for certificate of proper tax system VAT / Single . **
  • registering the enterprise in necessary four funds (pension fund, fund of employment, fund of social security from industrial accidents, fund of social security from the temporal loss of ability to work);
  • acquirement of permission on seal making;
  • making of the seal.

Documents in order to begin registration:

  • the name of new enterprise;
  • xerox copies of passports and identification number (if necessary aquire) of founders and director;
  • legal address of registration in Kiev (lease contract or document proving the ownership of premises);
  • capital shares of founders;
  • size and order of statute fund formation:
    1) in forming the statute fund with property list of property stating which property which founder supplies;
    2) in forming the statute fund with money reference from bank about money on account of newly created enterprise;
  • main spheres of activity (6 is maximum);
  • chosen system of tax payments.


  1. At the moment of registration only citizen of Ukraine can be a director, presence of accountant not necessarily. In future, at a founders desire, that an enterprise will be managed by a foreigner, it is necessary to get the proper permission on employment.
  2. the place ("a legal address") of business can be a residence of founder, real estate that belongs to the founder or the leased apartments. The concrete type of necessary for confirmation of location documents depends on a situation. At wish, legal addresses can be given by business-centers of the proper districts.

Order of cooperation:

  • In the phone-call mode or by e-mail you give information about the new name of the enterprise, form of statute capital, shares in statute capital, legal address, passport data and identification numbers of the founders, director.
  • After preparation of documents we meet at a notary (we notarize new regulation, write a warrant, do the copies of documents);
  • If the statute capital is formed by means of money we go the bank to open an account for forming statute capital.
  • Through the conditioned term meet for the transmission of documents of new legal person.

If any document is not available (identification code or lease contract of a legal address), or you are going to register the name of the enterprise (what is necessary to do), a pre-payment of services is needed, i.e. the lease of legal address is approximately 500,00 UAH (depending on district) and name reservation 34,00 UAH. Terms: 1-3 days).

Our partnership will be pleasant and fruitful. We save your time and will do all correctly and in time that guarantees that your plans will not be broken

* the cost of our services does not include the providing of legal address, acceleration of registration, dealing with additional (not foreseen) questions, opening an account with a bank.
** After the registration end director aquires the certificate for chosen system of tax payments.

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