Registration of the rights of the author on work

We are ready to provide a complex of services for registering rights of the author of a work.
Basic terms of registration: 50-55  working days the moment of documents and information indicated below).
Price of the service: 1850,00* UAH.
State fees are: 63,75 UAH for physical persons, 187,00 for legal.

The price includes:

  • consulting and informing of the client about registering the rights on a work;
  • qualified preparation of the documents in necessary forms for submission and submission;
  • acquirement of the certificate of authors rights registration.

Documents in order to begin work:

  • the documents of an applicant, authors (for physical persons xerox copy of the passport and of identification code, for legal persons the certificate of state registration);
  • complete name of the physical person and/or complete official name of the legal person, which buys the copyrights, complete postal address (address for correspondence), telephone;
  • one copy of work (form of work in which it is presented);
  • document, which confirms creation of work in order of implementation of official duties or authors contract (if it exists);
  • document, which testifies the fact and date of presentation of the work (if it exists);
  • complete name of work (brief, if such exists);
  • previous or alternative names of work (if it exist);
  • short description of the work;
  • date of final completion of the work;
  • the author (list of authors) of the work: surname, name, patronymic (pseudonym), date of birth, citizenship, residence, telephone, essence of the authorship, author contribution to the creation of the work.

And also the following information:

  • bank details;
  • number of certificate of VAT payer, individual number of a taxpayer.

Our partnership will be pleasant and fruitful. We save your time and will do all correctly and in time that guarantees that your plans will not be broken

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