Registration of trademarks and brands

Registration of trademarks and brands

We are ready to supply the complex of services for trademarks and brand signs (trademark, brand, firm).
We cooperate with experienced and talented designers, which may help to develop a trademark, brand or a complete firms style.*
After the registration of the trademark or of a brand the certificate for this is given, which reserves the right of the owner for this sign for 10 years (with the right of prolongation for 10 years).
The cost of the service: (depends on the complex of supplied service)

The list of our services consists of:

1.1.) 400,00 UAH preparation of the request for registration, appeal;

1.2.) 500,00 UAH preparation of the request, appeal and support in aquiring the resolution;

2. Fee for filling in the application 600,00 UAH, and also additionally for each class of International classification of wares and services stated in the application 300,00 UAH. Total 45 classes of wares and services.

3. Such services as check of existence of analogous request, making extra check require additional payment, which is determined in each case separately.

4. State fee for certificate for a sign of wares and services 85,00 UAH, payment for announcement is 60,00 UAH.

Documents in order to begin work:

  • image sign on a sheet of paper (8x8 sm.) and a floppy disk;
  • a copy of certificate describing the enterprise registration (or copy of the passport of the physical person);
  • copy of the statistics of the enterprise.

and also the following information:

  • banking details;
  • the list of wares and services for which you are willing to register the mark;
  • number of the VAT tax payer or individual number of the tax payer;

Terms and additional conditions:

1. In terms up to 3 working days from the moment of conclusion of the contract, provision of the necessary information, documentation, notarification of necessary document and payment acquisition to account we give the request to Ukrpatent (this moment will be priority date of the request);

2. In 1-2 months conclusion of the request date, which guarantees that no other can register the analogous sign after you. After the conclusion you can use the and mark it as TM Trade of mark worning, that the sign is being registered.

Our partnership will be pleasant and fruitful. We save your time and will do all correctly and in time that guarantees that your plans will not be broken

*the cost of our services does not include providing of legal address, acceleration of registration, dealing with additional (not foreseen) questions.

With best regards,


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