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Useful links

Higher organs of power of Ukraine

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

State Committees of Ukraine

State Tax Administration

Security Service of Ukraine

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

The State Customs Service of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine

Kyiv City Council


Bodies of Justice

General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine

Embassies of Ukraine

Embassies of Ukraine abroad

The State Customs Service of Ukraine

Customs Legislation of Ukraine the Ukrainian Internet Exchange Pawn and forefault.


Trade and Foreign-Economic Activity

Importers and Exporters

 An Information-Analytical Portal for Foreign-Economic Activity

Government Service of medic wares

Calculation of Custom Payments for a Motorcar

Calculation of Customs Payments

Railway Stations

Sanctions of Ministry for Economy of Ukraine Information related to application (abolition, changes of kind, suspension of operation) of special sanctions, described in the article of 37 of Law of Ukraine "About Foreign Economic Activity", for Ukrainian subjects of foreign economic activity and foreign subjects of economic activity. Information related to the suspension of validity, applied the orders of the former Ministry of foreign economic activity [] in accordance with the article of 37 law of Ukraine about foreign economic activity (release of 1991)